ThermiSense® Nasal Cannulas

Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use
  • EtCO2 pressure and snore monitoring
  • Designed to work with the ThermiSense Airflow Sensing System
  • Holder/pocket design allows Thermistor sensor to securely attach to cannula for accurately sensing airflow changes and nasal pressure signal
  • Attachment design helps prevent Thermistor coming into contact with skin
  • Nasal and oral/nasal versions in both pediatric and adult sizes
  • Filter options available
Brand: Salter Labs®, ThermiSense®
ItemDescriptionSizeInterfaceFilterAirflow Tube LengthEtCO2 Tube LengthQTY
5761-7-25ThermiSense CannulaAdultOral/NasalNo7'NA25
5750-7-25ThermiSense CannulaAdultNasalYes7'NA25
5742-7-7-25ThermiSense CannulaAdultNasalNo7'7'25
5751-7-25ThermiSense CannulaAdultNasalNo7'NA25
5751-2-25ThermiSense CannulaAdultNasalNo2'NA25
5744-7-7-25ThermiSense CannulaAdultOral/NasalNo7'7'25
5754-7-7-25ThermiSense CannulaPediatricNasalNo7'7'25
5760-7-25ThermiSense CannulaAdultOral/NasalYes7'NA25
5754-2-2-25ThermiSense CannulaPediatricNasalNo2'2'25
5755-7-7-25ThermiSense CannulaPediatricOral/NasalNo7'7'25