Preformed Cuffed Oral Endotracheal Tubes (AGT) (RAE)

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Designed to direct tube downward to rest on patient’s chin
• Allows circuit to be positioned out of surgical field; ideal for oral and maxillofacial surgery applications
• Polished Murphy Eye
• 15 mm Male fitting included
• High volume, low pressure cuff
• Valve with sensitive pilot balloon indicating cuff status
• Radiopaque strip
• Smooth beveled tip for atraumatic introduction

Brand: SunMed®
1-7321-70Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube28 Fr7.0 mm300 mm10
1-7321-40Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube16 Fr4.0 mm200 mm10
1-7321-45Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube18 Fr4.5 mm220 mm10
1-7321-50Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube20 Fr5.0 mm240 mm10
1-7321-55Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube22 Fr5.5 mm270 mm10
1-7321-60Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube24 Fr6.0 mm280 mm10
1-7321-65Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube26 Fr6.5 mm290 mm10
1-7321-75Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube30 Fr7.5 mm310 mm10
1-7321-80Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube32 Fr8.0 mm320 mm10
1-7321-85Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube34 Fr8.5 mm320 mm10
1-7321-90Preformed Oral Cuffed ET Tube36 Fr9.0 mm320 mm10