3-Channel Oxygen Supply Tubing

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use
  • 3-Channel design
  • Standard connector or Fits-All connector available
  • Wide variety of lengths from 4′ to 50′
Brand: Ventlab™
ItemDescriptionTubing LengthColorO2 ConnectorQTY
3050GOxygen Supply Tubing50'GreenTrumpet50
3007GOxygen Supply Tubing7'GreenTrumpet50
3015GOxygen Supply Tubing15'GreenTrumpet50
3025GOxygen Supply Tubing25'GreenTrumpet50
3040GOxygen Supply Tubing40'GreenTrumpet50
3004Oxygen Supply Tubing4'ClearFits-All50
3007Oxygen Supply Tubing7'ClearTrumpet50
3015Oxygen Supply Tubing15'ClearTrumpet50
3025Oxygen Supply Tubing25'ClearTrumpet50
3040Oxygen Supply Tubing40'ClearTrumpet50
3050Oxygen Supply Tubing50'ClearTrumpet50