GreenLine® PrismView™ Macintosh American Profile Blade

Latex Free

• Designed with an optically polished prism with a 30 degree refraction without image inversion
• Ideal for use when the view of the vocal cords is impaired (especially the most anterior larynx) during nasal intubation and for post operative examination of the larynx
• Prevent condensation by immersing blade in warm water bath for 10 minutes prior to use
• Soft, matte finish virtually eliminates reflection and glare
• Compliant with ISO standard 7376
• Green System compatible
• Constructed of 303/304 surgical stainless steel

Brand: GreenLine®, PrismView™, SunMed®
ItemDescriptionBlade SizeBlade LengthHeel HeightQTY
5-5229-02Child2100 mm17 mm1
5-5229-03Medium Adult3130 mm24 mm1
5-5229-04Large Adult4155 mm26 mm1
5-5229-35Extended Medium Adult3.5144 mm25 mm1