EtCO2/O2 Pediatric End Tidal Sampling Nasal Cannulas with Soft Headset Tubing

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use
  • Standard Series Capnography Cannulas
  • Salter soft headset tubing has been shown to improve patient comfort
  • Pliable stretchable tubing curves around the cheeks and ears
  • 3-Channel tube design to resist kinking and reduce the risk of oxygen or EtCO2 flow loss
  • Provide true end tidal sampling and effective oxygen delivery without limitations
  • Salter eyes provide safety apertures in each prong to reduce the possibility of occlusions
Brand: Salter Labs®, STAT Capnography
ItemDescriptionSizeInterfaceSalter EyesEtCO2 ConnectorO2 ConnectorEtCO2 LengthO2 LengthQTY
47SOFT-F-PED-14-14-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalYesFemale LuerTrumpet14'14'25
47SOFT-FTG-PED-7-7-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalYesFemale LuerThread Grip7'7'25
47SOFT-F-PED-7-0-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography Cannula, PigtailPediatricYesFemale LuerTrumpet2"7'25
47SOFT-F-PED-7-7-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalYesFemale LuerTrumpet7'7'25
47SOFT-PED-7-0-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography Cannula, PigtailPediatricNasalYesMale LuerTrumpet2"7'25
47SOFT-PED-7-2-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalYesMale LuerTrumpet2'7'25
47SOFT-PED-7-7-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalYesMale LuerTrumpet7'7'25
47SOFT-TG-PED-7-7-25EtCO2/O2 SOFT Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalYesMale LuerThread Grip7'7'25