EtCO2/O2 Adult End Tidal Sampling Nasal Cannulas

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Delivers oxygen while capturing an end tidal gas sample even with simultaneous insufflation of oxygen
• Designed to help lessen attenuation of the end tidal sample by oxygen dilution
• Dual nasal cannula simultaneously provides oxygen to both nostrils while obtaining CO2 sampling during spontaneous breathing
• Designed to prevent mixing of fresh oxygen with CO2
• 3-channel tubing helps prevent kinking
• Includes male/female adapter with luer lock connector
• Available in three tubing lengths

Brand: Ventlab™
ItemDescriptionSizeInterfaceEtCO2 ConnectorO2 ConnectorEtCO2 LengthO2 LengthQTY
4110EtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaAdultNasalMale/Female Luer10'10'25
4114EtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaAdultNasalMale/Female Luer14'14'25
4207EtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalMale/Female Luer7'7'25
4210EtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalMale/Female Luer10'10'25
4214EtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalMale/Female Luer14'14'25
4107FEtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaAdultNasalMale/Female LuerFits-All7'7'25
4110FEtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaAdultNasalMale/Female LuerFits-All10'10'25
4114FEtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaAdultNasalMale/Female LuerFits-All14'14'25
4207FEtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalMale/Female LuerFits-All14'14'25
4210FEtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalMale/Female LuerFits-All10'10'25
4214FEtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalMale/Female LuerFits-All14'14'25
4107EtCO2/O2 Capnography CannulaAdultNasalMale/Female Luer7'7'25