Ventlab Non-Inflatable Anesthesia Mask

Vent Mask II™

Latex Free  |  Single Patient Use  |  Disposable

The disposable Vent Mask II is a non-inflatable soft cushion mask
that offers the same comfort and superior seal as the original Vent Mask.

  • Air-filled, soft cushioned mask
  • Pliable, ultra-thin wall
  • Low-pressure soft seal with superior seating characteristics
Item Description Size PK
VR0040 Vent Mask II X-Small Neonate 20, 40
VR0400 Vent Mask II Small Neonate 20, 40
VR1400 Vent Mask II Small Infant 20, 40
VR2400 Vent Mask II Infant 20, 40
VR3400 Vent Mask II Small Child 20, 40
VR4400 Vent Mask II Child 20, 40
VR5400 Vent Mask II Adult 20, 50, 100
VR6400 Vent Mask II Large Adult 20, 50, 100