Ventlab Manual Resuscitator / Ventilator

V-Care™ + Integrated Pressure Manometer

Latex Free  |  Single Patient Use  |  Disposable  |  CE Mark

Ventlab’s V-Care Bag provides optimum tactile sensitivity during manual resuscitation/ventilation to accurately assess lung compliance. The bag body is ultra soft silicone with a quick rebound capacity. Available with or without Ventlab’s integrated pressure manometer. Choose from a variety of components to meet your unique needs. 

  • Single use resuscitation/ventilation bag available in four sizes
  • Available with or without integrated pressure manometer 
  • Integrated color-coded pressure manometer effectively promotes proper pressure delivery (<20cmH2O); the tri-color fields alert to the risk level of delivered pressur
  • Accurate pressure delivery helps reduce gastric insufflation, thus preventing vomiting, aspiration and resulting pneumonia
  • Patient port swivel allows clinician to easily move around patient while maintaining proper resuscitation
  • Red fits-all O2 tubing connector enables quick visualization of proper O2 connection
  • Ultra soft pliable silicone bag body provides excellent tactile feel of lung compliance
  • Three oxygen reservoir styles available
  • Includes Premium Inflatable Vent Mask, proportionately sized to resuscitation bag size
  • Select from a variety of components to assemble a custom resuscitation bag to meet your unique patient needs
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Series Description Size Volume Stroke Volume Body Mass PK
VN2100MB V-Care Manual Resuscitator / Ventilator Pediatric 1000 mL 600-630 mL ≤ 40 kg (88 lbs) 10
VN3100MB V-Care Manual Resuscitator / Ventilator Infant 300 mL 150-170 mL ≤ 10 kg (22 lbs) 10
VN4100MB V-Care Manual Resuscitator / Ventilator Child 550 mL 330-340 mL ≤ 22 kg (48 lbs) 10
VN5000MB V-Care Manual Resuscitator / Ventilator Adult 1500 mL 640-660 mL > 40 kg (88 lbs) 10

Safety Components


A bacterial/viral filter provides effective protection for the healthcare provider

Integrated Pressure Manometer

Ventlab’s innovative color-coded dial clearly denotes pressure delivery:

GREEN - Target pressure level <20cmH2O

YELLOW - Potentially dangerous pressure level

RED - Dangerous pressure level

Pop-Off Valve

40cm/H2O & 25cm/H2O; Allows clinician to use an appropriate pop-off level

CO2 Indicator

Choose from: MaxCap, STAT-Check, or FLOCAP for effective assessment of CO2 exchange.

Oxygen Reservoirs

Inflatable O2 Bag

Closed system oxygen reservoir delivers higher FDO2 and provides visual indication of proper airflow

Corrugated Tubing

For use with secondary oxygen supply; available in 24” and 48” lengths

Collapsible/Extendable O2 Accummulator

Available for AF1000-series bags

Convenience Components

Face Mask

Inflatable and non-inflatable face masks available

Flex Neck

Removable, flexible joint allows corrugated tubing to be joined with the patient valve; also reduces the torque on ET tube

Hand Strap

Maintain a positive grip with a hand strap