Ethox Gastric Lavage

Tum-E-Vac® Gastric Lavage

Latex Free  |  Single Use  |  Disposable  |  CE Mark

Tum-E-Vac® Gastric Lavage Kits are fully assembled, disposable kits that promote quick, efficient lavage of stomach contents. This completely closed system is designed to protect healthcare professionals from potential exposure to stomach contents and charcoal solutions during gastric lavage or decontamination procedures. 

  • Pre-assembled kits are quick and easy to use, reducing the time for lavage procedures
  • Closed system helps prevent exposure to stomach contents and charcoal solutions
  • Twist-Lok™ expressing key aids in charcoal administration
  • Easy-to-fill top port
  • Available with Universal Solution Spike (for use with pre-filled solution containers)
  • No clean up or disinfecting procedures necessary
  • All kits come standard with Bite Block
Item Description PK
2054 Tum-E-Vac + 3L Solution Bag + 32Fr Lavage Tubing 10
2055 Tum-E-Vac + 3L Solution Bag 10
2060 Bite Block 20