Ethox Instrument Holder

Surgi-Kit® Sterile

Latex Free  |  Sterile  |  Single Use  |  Disposable

Surgi-Kit® Instrument Holders are disposable pockets for sterile delivery, common in surgical applications. This disposable tool maintains the sterile operating field and its simplicity eliminates cleaning procedures. Choose from a variety of sizes and pocket configurations.

  • Keeps instruments close to operating field
  • Reduces time required for locating instruments
  • Multipocket sleeves to accommodate a variety of instrument sizes
  • Available with tape to adhere to operating drape
Item Description Size PK
SK-150 4 Pockets 19cm x 11cm 100
SK-100 8 Pockets 19cm x 23cm 50
SK-200 2 Pockets 28cm x 18cm 50
SK-300 8 Pockets + Tape 19cm x 23cm 50
SK-400 2 Pockets + Tape 28cm x 18cm 50
SK-650 10 Pockets + Tape 5cm x 19cm 50
SK-350 4 Pockets + Tape 19cm x 11cm 75