SunMed Conventional Laryngoscope Blade

Siker Mirror Macintosh American Profile Blade

Latex Free
  • Ideal for use on patients with anatomical variations which make
    intubation with conventional blades difficult or impossible
  • The basic portions of the blade make an angle of 135° with a mirror
    located at flange angle facing spatula for better visualization during intubation
  • Distal portion is 3"
  • Since mirror inverts the reflected image, operator should exercise caution
    until familiar with its use
  • Curved stylette is recommended for use with the Siker blade
  • Immersing blade in warm water bath for 10 minutes prior to use
    will prevent mirror fogging
  • Frosted lamp provides defused illumination without shadows
  • Constructed of 303/304 surgical stainless steel
Item Description Size PK A B
5-3075-04 Large Adult 4 1 158 mm 18 mm