Premium ERGO Mask

Latex Free  |  Single Patient Use  |  Disposable
  • Ergonomic shape combined with finger grips on both front
    and back of mask provide a secure hold when positioning
  • Anti-slip finger grips feature help maintain secure hold
    even when hands are wet
  • Unique anatomical shape and seal enables a firm, yet
    comfortable patient fit
  • Bright color-coding for accurate size selection
  • Specifically designed without a cushion to minimize
  • Can be used at higher elevations with non-air cushion design 
  • Airtight fit available in 6 sizes
Item Description Color Size PK
VR0900 ERGO Mask White Small Neonate 20, 40
VR1900 ERGO Mask Gray Small Infant 20, 40
VR2900 ERGO Mask Orange Infant 20, 40
VR3900 ERGO Mask Yellow Small Child 20, 40
VR4900 ERGO Mask Blue Child 20, 40
VR5900 ERGO Mask Red Adult 20, 50