Ventlab Breathing Circuit

MRI Circuit

Latex Free  |  Single Patient Use  |  Disposable

Ventlab’s MRI-conditional transport circuit is lightweight and made with components safe for use in the MRI suite. Corrugated tubing is expandable to 9' for easier ventilation management during procedures. 

  • Patient valve, PEEP valve, breathing filter and oxygen tubing constructed of MRI-safe materials
  • 3 o’clock position of PEEP keeps valve out of patient’s face
  • Patient port accommodates ET tube or mask
  • Minimal deadspace in non-rebreathing valve
  • For use with Smiths Medical Pneupac and other ventilators (Consult ventilator manufacturer specifications prior to use)
  • Corrugating tubing expands generously to 9’
  • Circuit available with or without PEEP valve and breathing filter
Item Description PK
VC1000 MRI Transport Circuit with PEEP Valve 10
VC1000F MRI Transport Circuit with PEEP Valve + Filter 10
VC1010 MRI Transport Circuit 10
VC1010F MRI Transport Circuit + Filter 10
VP705 MRI Conditional Adjustable 19mm PEEP Valve 20