SunMed CO2 Indicator

MaxCap CO2 Indicator

Latex Free  |  Single Use

The MaxCap is a disposable, single-use CO2 indication device
designed for placement between a breathing device and a
patient’s endotracheal tube or mask for visualization of exhaled CO2. The CO2 indicator will assist the caregiver in verifying proper ET tube placement. A lack of color change may indicate
improper intubation. Exhaled gas passes through the device
and indicates a range of end-tidal CO2.

  • For use up to 6 hours
  • MaxCap Regular for patients greater than 15 kg (33 lb.) (Item# R500P30)
  • MaxCap Pediatric for patients 1 to 15 kg (2.2 lbs to 33 lbs) (Item# R500P31)
  • MaxCap Neonatal for patients 0.25 to 6 kg (0.50 lbs to 13 lbs) (Item# R500P32)
  • Fully compatible with all SunMed resuscitation devices
Item Description Size PK
R500P30 CO2 Indicator Adult 10
R500P31 CO2 Indicator Pediatric 10
R500P32 CO2 Indicator Neonatal 10