Ventlab Manual Resuscitator / Ventilator

Manual Resuscitation Training Kit

Latex Free

The VT1000 Resuscitation Training Kit from Ventlab is designed to illustrate the effect excessive delivered pressure has on a patient during resuscitation. Pressures > 20cm H2O open the esophageal sphincter, forcing air into the stomach creating distention and gastric insufflations leading to aspiration and associated pneumonia. 

Authorized Ventlab distributors, healthcare providers and students alike can benefit from using the VT1000 to learn about and demonstrate pressure delivery, while increasing their confidence performing resuscitation using Ventlab resuscitation systems. 

VT1000 Component List

  • Adult AirFlow Resuscitation System
    • Adult PVC Bag
    • Patient Valve with Integrated Manometer
    • BF102 Filter (19 ID x 30 OD)
  • Small Adult AirFlow Resuscitation System
    • Small Adult PVC  Bag
    • Small Adult Airflow Mask
    • Patient Valve with Integrated Manometer
    • BF102 Filter (19 ID x 30 OD)
  • Demonstration Model
    • 6” Flex Neck Corrugated Tubing
    • CPAP Valve
    • Bifurcated WYE
    • Test Lung (2 Litre Hyperinflation Bag, Plastic Jacket, Connector, Rubber Band) 
    • Stomach Model (Inflatable Bag)
    • 22mm OD x 22mm OD Connector (2)
    • 20mm ID x 22mm ID Connector 
    • 22mm ID x 22mm OD Connector
  • Support and Reference Materials
    • Manometer Benefits DVD
    • Manometer Reference Articles, Binder
    • Duffel Bag 
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