SunMed Patient Safety

IGuard™ Eye Protector

Latex Free  |  Single Use  |  Disposable  |  CE Mark
  • Protects patient eyes during general anesthesia against
    eye abrasion, lacerations and scleral hemorrhage
  • Rigid, clear protective patient eye cover for use in OR, ER, and during general procedures
  • Non-allergenic self-adhesive foam cushion for fast and accurate application
  • Thick foam for patient comfort even in prone position
  • Improved one piece backing with “courtesy tabs”
Item Description Size PK
9-0210-00 Sterile Eye Protector Adult 25
9-0210-21 Sterile Eye Protector Pediatric 25
9-0210-20 Sterile Double Foam Eye Protector Adult 25
9-0210-20I Non-Sterile IGuard Double Foam Adult 25
9-0210-00I Non-Sterile IGuard Single Foam Adult 25
9-0210-21I Non-Sterile IGuard Pediatric 25
92293 Non-Sterile IGuard Single Foam Adult 25