High Concentration, Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask

Latex Free  |  Single Patient Use  |  Disposable  |  CE Mark

Ventlab non-rebreathing masks deliver a high concentration of oxygen with a partial non-rebreather option available. Non-rebreathers feature a swivel connector for optimum patient comfort and uninterrupted oxygen flow. All Ventlab oxygen delivery products are single use, non-sterile and latex free.

  • Delivers high concentration of oxygen
  • Reservoir bag assures oxygen supply to meet variable breathing patterns and tidal volumes
  • Soft, pliable mask fits comfortably on patient
  • Includes elastic head strap for best fit
  • Transparent PVC mask enables clear visualization of patient
  • Swivel connector design ensures uninterrupted flow of oxygen from the bag to the patient
  • All sizes include 7' three channel oxygen tubing
  • Pliable nose clip helps keep mask in place
  • Available as non-rebreather or partial non-rebreather
  • Designed with two valves on the non-rebreather; one on the partial non-rebreather
Item Description Size PK
2302 Non-Rebreathing Infant 50
2302F Non-Rebreathing with Fits-All Connector Infant 50
2202 Non-Rebreathing Pediatric 50
2202F Non-Rebreathing with Fits-All Connector Pediatric 50
2102 Non-Rebreathing Adult 50
2102F Non-Rebreathing with Fits-All Connector Adult 50