AirFlow™ Manual Resuscitator

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use
  • Single patient use resuscitation/ventilation bag available in five sizes/volumes
  • Face mask proportionately sized to resuscitation bag size


Select from a variety of components to assemble a custom resuscitation bag to meet your unique patient needs; see COMPONENTS tab below. Choose from different oxygen reservoirs, flex neck, integrated pressure manometer, face masks, Pop-Off valve, B/V filter, PEEP valve and CO2 indicator. Contact SunMed to learn more.

Brand: AirFlow™, Ventlab™
ItemDescriptionSizeManometerVolumeStroke VolumeQTY
AF1040MBAirFlow Standard, B/V Filter, Size 5 Mask and Inflatable Oxygen ReservoirLarge AdultNo1900 mL950-960 mL10
AF2040MBAirFlow Standard, B/V Filter, Size 4 Mask and Inflatable Oxygen ReservoirPediatricNo1000 mL600-620 mL10
AF3040MBAirFlow Standard, B/V Filter, Size 2 Mask and Inflatable Oxygen ReservoirInfantNo300 mL150-170 mL10
AF4040MBAirFlow Standard, B/V Filter, Size 3 Mask and Inflatable Oxygen ReservoirChildNo550 mL330-350 mL10
AF5040MBAirFlow Standard, B/V Filter, Size 5 Mask and Inflatable Oxygen ReservoirAdultNo1500 mL640-660 mL10


Choose from the following components to create a custom manual resuscitator to best meet your needs:

Oxygen Reservoirs

Inflatable O2 Bag

Closed system oxygen reservoir delivers higher FDO2 and provides visual indication of proper airflow

Corrugated Tubing

For use with secondary oxygen supply; available in 24" and 48" lengths

Collapsible/Extendable O2 Accumulator

Available for select series

Safety Components

Integrated Pressure Manometer

Ventlab’s innovative color-coded dial clearly denotes pressure delivery:

Green - Target pressure level <20cm H2O
Yellow - Potentially dangerous pressure level
Red - Dangerous pressure level

Pop-Off Valves

40 cm/H2O & 25 cm/H2O
Allows clinician to use an appropriate pop-off level


A bacterial/viral filter provides effective protection for the healthcare provider during expiration

CO2 Indicator

Choose from: STAT-Check II, MaxCap, or FLOCAP for effective assessment of CO2 exchange

Peep Valves

Adjustable PEEP valves;
5-20 cm H2O

Convenience Components

Face Masks

Inflatable and non-inflatable face masks available

Flex Neck

Removable, flexible joint allows corrugated tubing to be joined with the patient valve; also reduces the torque on ET tube

Hand Strap

Maintain a positive grip with a hand strap
*Only available on inflatable bag reservoir