Air-Q®sp Self Pressurized Reusable Intubating Laryngeal Airway

Latex Free
  • Utilizes your positive pressure ventilatory source to automatically inflate the cuff to form a seal without manual inflation
  • Ideal for spontaneous trigger ventilation
  • Provides exceptional ease of ETT placement when unexpected intubation is required
  • Helps deliver safety and confidence in airway management, no matter what airway challenges you face
  • Color-coded cap for quick sizing and is removable to accept a wide range of ETTs
  • Exclusive epiglottis ramp helps to maximize visualization and minimize airway resistance
  • ET tube ramp helps direct scopes and ETTs directly into the trachea
  • Anatomical bowl and built-up mask heel improve placement and seal
  • Safety hole in mask provides gas exchange if main tube becomes occluded
  • Tethered connector
Brand: Air-Q®, Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionSizeColorMax. ETTIdeal Body WeightQTY
10-6005Air-Qsp0.5Pink3.5 mm< 4 kg1
10-6010Air-Qsp1.0Blue4.5 mm4-7 kg1
10-6015Air-Qsp1.5Green5.0 mm7-17 kg1
10-6020Air-Qsp2Orange5.5 mm17-30 kg1
10-6025Air-Qsp2.5Yellow6.5 mm30-50 kg1
10-6035Air-Qsp3.5Red7.5 mm50-70 kg1
10-6045Air-Qsp4.5Purple8.5 mm70-100 kg1