Salter Labs and Westmed are now part of the SunMed family of brands.

The SunMed Family of Brands

The SunMed family of products includes five distinct, yet complementary, brands to meet the special requirements of respiratory, anesthesiology, and emergency clinicians.

The SunMed brand includes over 70 different types of laryngoscopes for both difficult and routine intubations. Nasos, oral airways, ET tubes and specialty airways comprise the SunMed brand as well as nerve stimulation and patient safety products.

Our Westmed products include pulmonary medication delivery, oxygen delivery, airway management, gas delivery, heated humidification, arterial blood collection, capnography, resuscitation, and wound prevention. Brand names include: Circulaire, VixOne, HEART, Pedi-Neb, ANAPOD, NeoPod, Uni-Lim Circuits, Pulset, CO2Easy, Comfort Soft Plus, and Flo Easy,

Our Salter Labs line includes extensive respiratory, anesthesia, and home care products including IntuBrite, Parker Flex-Tip ET tubes, and SalterSTAT Orange, Green, and Blue EtCO2 monitoring.

The Ventlab line of products include manual resuscitators/ventilators and hyperinflation systems that feature the integrated pressure manometer, a patented design innovation. Oxygen and medication delivery devices are also part of the Ventlab product family.

Ethox Medical is the leading brand for pressure infusion bags in the market. Surgical care supplies and emergency devices are also found in the Ethox product family.