EtCO2 Reflective Cannulas

SalterSTAT® Technology

Our SalterSTAT® line of product set the standard in capnography. An unsurpassed range of configurations helps healthcare systems improve patient safety by making capnography monitoring possible in more situations. Cannulas, masks, and sampling lines with innovative features make our EtCO2 products the most popular reflective capnography products in the world.


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Divided Interface

The Salter Labs® patented divided cannula delivers unrestricted oxygen and no gas mixture with a permanent barrier between the cannula nares. This leads to crisp waveforms, accurate to within 2-4 mm/HG of blood gas. 

The SalterSTAT® Difference

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Salter Style Divided Oral-Nasal EtCO2 Cannula

40% Less Dead Space in Facepiece

SalterSTAT® Reflective Oral-Nasal Sampling Line with O2 Delivery

Competitive Oral-Nasal Sampling Line with O2 Delivery

Divided Cannula Designs

Clinically tested, Salter style cannula’s deliver higher O2 and higher EtCO2 readings than competitive designs

CapnoVue® Masks


CapnoVue® Mask

Effective sampling for mouth breathers and upper GI cases. This mask provides higher oxygen delivery for patients where more aggressive oxygenation is needed. Available in the standard mask design and with access port for scopes. 

Micron Filter

Hydrophobic 0.22 Micron Filter

All reflective connector cannulas come with a hydrophobic 0.22 micron filter for moisture management

Reflective Connector

Reflective Connector

Reflective connector compatible with Microstream™. Quick, single twist for a tight seal to the monitor. 

Nafion Tubing

Nafion® Tubing

Nafion tubing used in long-term configurations for moisture management

Divided Oral-Nasal Interfase

Oral/Nasal Interface

Divided cannula with low dead space that draws sampling from nose and mouth

Threaded Grip Connector

Thread Grip O2 Connector

Thread Grip connector eliminates the need for Christmas tree connectors